“Co Z Tą Archi-tekturą?”, 2008

This piece goes to my portfolio as one of the first, as a living proof of everyones’ creative possibilities in modern era of mass-media. Short, satirical movie about a day in life of not-so-resourceful student of Architecture in Poland.

Thanks to the broadcasting platforms, as YouTube, everyone can make up some material, shoot it, edit it and put it out to viewers all over the world, with relatively small effort. The Problem that goes with that possibility can be enclosed in a quote that became a classic nowadays: “With great power comes great responsibility“. It’s the problem of making a good movie, with decent quality, skillful acting, and well edited, that will find its place among YT’s vast material. Material not necessarily of an equally satisfying appeal as for the work of amateurs.

Our project didn’t make it to the tops of YouTube (not a surprise, I must admit) – but at least we earned two entries for a student’s masked ball and we had a great part in making up this party by presenting our short movie to the rest of fellow students.
The movie was made in team of just two people, with my friend, during studies, in just three intense days from scratch to the moment of publishing, due to a few circumstances.

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First of all, we both engaged ourselves willingly in acting – every performance was a possibility to express our ideas and awake emotions in our audience. Just a sheer satisfaction of moving people through our acts was enough to put the gears in a motion.
Secondly, we were both interested in film making, but only had a small amount of time and not-so-good (OK, very weak) equipment.

There are some very nice shots, improvised moments and funny cliches in this movie – among some not well prepared scenes, poor lighting, wasted frames and bloopers that made it into the final project (while they shouldn’t).

Still, we wanted to make something better than our few earlier shorts with that one – and we did it! Now, I proudly present you with my begginings in the creative industry, that laid foundation to my way of thinking nowadays. Please, enjoy!

/ Des

Made with: Canon digital camera, Windows Movie Maker.
Cooperation: Maciej Smyk, mgr inż. arch. (MSc Arch. Eng.)


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