The project idea is to supply the academic district in Gliwice with modern housing for students. ‘AuROOM’ is to fill a gap in a surrounding complex of nineteenth and twentieth-century buildings. However, it clearly contrasts with neighboring objects.

Row of trees on the other side of the street became a referring context for the building. The use of plain golden colored zinc sheet on the facade allows the building to reflect the actual image of the greenery. Thanks to that, facility’s form varies depending on the season, as well as the form of associated garden which layout is inspired by the traditional Silesian city backyards. On the ground floor, under the housing function, there is a room for a small student club.

The whole is thought out as the energy-saving object (good thermal and acoustic insulation, construction made of concrete, bathrooms and kitchens in the center of the layout), corresponding to changes in time (elastic expansion of the workspace, planned as light structure terraces, located above the garden).

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Made with: AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Artlantis, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw.
Consultation: Anna Kossak-Jagodzińska, dr inż. arch. (PhD Arch., Eng.).