Kindergarten and Village Park in Żabnica, 2011

The lot in Żabnica, in an attractive location on the river near the center of the village for years was occupied by buildings of the local quarry and industrial warehouses. After years, the kindergarten was established in the former quarry office. Because of the proximity of the school the idea arose up to expand the existing kindergarten’s building with the new library and classrooms, to regulate the area in front of it and allocate public recreational area there.

The project proposes the extension with the use of local materials, as its placement was already on a terrain of former quarry. Solutions are to be the most economical in the context of the building and park development in a medium-sized village. The original park furniture serves to introduce the open nature of public space, encourages the creative use of it by children and adults and connects the areas of educational institutions with the river and greenery. This creates an ideal place for meetings, rest and recreation.

The project was the concept, that later served as a base for the final architectural project. The realized preposition’s park is not as open as proposed in the concept, instead it adds standard playground and open-air gym to the public space. Still, the proposed materials and overall ideas are performed very well as for investment in a developing village. This space became a friendly zone for education and recreation of all inhabitants of Żabnica – so the goal of the idea was achieved.

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Made with: DoubleCAD, ArchiCAD + Artlantis, Adobe Photoshop.
Cooperation with investor: Janusz Kanik.