European Ideas Factory, 2010

AEGEE-Europe European Ideas Factory was a pilot project of overall network meeting, organized by the AEGEE-Gliwice antenna. This original project focused on future goals and activities of the whole AEGEE network (now evolved into Planning Meetings).

I took part in organization of the whole event, with special focus on shooting and direction of promotional video, graphical design of booklets, badges and visual identification. I was also taking care of participants from all over Europe during the workshops and all kinds of organized activities.

The event was a symposium, where students from all over Europe exchanged ideas and insights during group workshops. Organization of this event required, among other elements, the design and creation of many unified forms of visual identification, promotion and information. I was pleased to be one of the main graphic designers and marketing coordinators of this project.

By joining forces we created the badges and booklets with important notes for the participants of the symposium, and a map of the city which hosted the event. On the map there were marked selected clubs in Gliwice, which later organized themed events for young people from all over European Union. During these parties we took good care of the participants of EIF, always letting them feel the presence of the legendary “AEGEE-Spirit”. We’ve had some good time on the dance floor and during the night trips to the tourist accommodation through the vibrant student city in which I grew up.

Before the event we decided to put its funny “trailer” online as the leading marketing material. Short video was prepared using the amateur equipment and the graphics and film-editing programs of a medium-tier. It’s a style well tested with “Co z Tą Archi-tekturą?” and some other of my short films, which we used to prepare with colleagues every year for a Woman’s Day for ladies from our semester group.

Albeit its, well, modest conditions, the trailer is pretty thought-through. It has its catchy graphic form, pacing, and a few really good shots. And above all, it is consistent with the rest of the information and marketing materials – that serves its purpose the best.

For me, EIF was that kind of interesting experience that would allow me one day to create something even better. Hopefully, with better equipment and commited people, I’ll have a chance to realize some next event of this kind.


At the end of this entry I send a huge THANK YOU to the people without whom this would not take place: Tomek Trela, Sabina Cieszowic, Magda Maciejewska, Olga Pedryc, Ola Kustra, Kamila Pomykała, Rafał Pawlus and other members of AEGEE-Gliwice.

We managed to realize our idea together and thus gave some of our positive energy to the world – which is awesome! #teamworkisveryimportant

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