DEADLINE is a prototype furniture created for the Faculty’s of Architecture contest, which aim was to create multifunctional equipment for the Faculty’s chill-out room. Our proposal stood out from the competition with its attractive form, excellent choice of materials and advertising done with a clever leaflet.



DEADLINE consists of suitably profiled sheets of gray cardboard conjoined into grille and covered with sheets of polyurethane foam, all draped in soft red cotton fabric. All materials used during the production were recycled.

Dimensions of the furniture, its shape and modularity have been thought out in order to most effectively utilize the components. The whole turned out to be satisfyingly comfortable, durable and visually attractive.



Made with: Recycled materials: B1 format grey cardboard sheets, polyurethane foam, red cotton fabric; Details: wood and paper glue, white cardboard, red acryl paint; Leaflet: Hand-made drawings, Adobe Photoshop.
Cooperation: Maciej Smyk, mgr inż. arch. (MSc Arch., Eng.); with special thanks to photomodels: Mary and Damian.