EKOPORTAL is the winner in a 2011 issue of competition organized by the Fortifications of Gdansk and Pomerania Foundation. Our team proposed use of the virtual space to assemble a complicated context of dispersed cultural heritage objects into the consistent and easily accessible network.


The project was created within three days of workshops bringing together students of different specialties: starting with the architecture, through the landscape architecture, construction, to biology and psychology. The task of the participants groups was to regulate the area around and inside the historical heritage building. This object was an isolated and unadapted part of the fortifications complex of the nineteenth century, where modern education and learning theme park – Hewelianum – is placed.



The winning proposal assumed a minimum, virtual intrusion into the protected greenery area and into the object itself. “Track of Marks” was to be created, leading users through the area in a way chosen by them and giving them field for educational fun with use of their imagination. The object itself has become an open space for the use of temporary events like workshops and exhibitions, with the main feature imposed by the project: Portals.


Portals are big LCD screens mutually recording and playing back in real time the behavior of visitors of historical buildings, inside which the screens are to be placed. Portals allow a network connections between the abandoned and newly renovated facilities in chosen area. EKOPORTAL is the first of a series of devices, intended to propagate the idea. The project has to show, in an attractive way, how to use the virtual space for the revitalization of inaccessible or extremely problematic buildings and areas.

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Made with: ArchiCAD (animation), Adobe Photoshop, Sketch-Up + V-Ray, Microsoft PowerPoint.
Cooperation: Portal Team – Paulina Ziółtkowska, Anna Cichy; the contest’s organizers and other participants.