Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2010

Being an actor is a very challenging venture.

One has to move, talk, dance, sing, even wait with constant focus on the performance, and every step you take can change the show for you, for other performers and for the audience.

Being the actor is even harder.

Every little thing has you to do some simple, yet very challenging thing: awaken emotions in you and people watching your act. For that, you need to move precisely, talk clearly, dance with passion, sing with a tone the song requires – even your waiting on the stage or behind it is an important part of the show.

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When facing my second theatre play with friends from Academic Theatre “Remont”, the task we were about to embrace was even harder – acoustics of the scene required constant loud speech, props and costumes made by us ourselves had to look fantastic, our Director thought it may be a great idea to add some modern dance and Led Zeppelin’s song into the show (it was!) – but most of all, we played Shakespeare!

That one was a real test of our skills, commitment and love for our hobby.

To keep this entry short, I can only say that premiere was one of the best experiences of my whole life. After few months of rehearsals, making props, completing costumes, mastering choreography (and a few parties to keep the hearts on fire) – we finally had it! Over hundred of people came to see our play: students and lecturers of our University, our families, friends and some theatre amateurs who just wanted to give us a try. We didn’t dissapoint them – we gave the audience the show they came for, they gave us loud laughter, inspired awe and loud applause in return.

If anyone of you thinks about giving yourself a chance of better expression, about learning hard and intensely, about understanding yourself and others – don’t forget to check if there are any theatre groups somewhere in your vicinity.

Joining them for sure is not for everybody. It takes a lot of your time, energy and sometimes requires a lot of austerity. It will be demanding, but very rewarding decission – who knows, maybe even the one that will change your life?

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Tadeusz Hankiewicz – Director

Actors, scenography, props, costumes, lights:
Theseus – Kajetan Wiecha
Egeus – 
Przemysław Kaczmarczyk
Lysander – Maciej Smyk
Demetrius – Rafał Malarz
Hermia – Alicja Losza
Helena – Anna Polak
Quince – Damian Rabstajn
Bottom – Maciej Łyczko
Flute – Konrad Nieradka
Snout – Leszek Losza
Starveling – Sandra Rabstajn
Snug – Katarzyna Bedryj
Oberon – Tomasz Malkowski
Titania – Julia Olszówka
Puck – Katarzyna Bedryj
Fairy One – Małgorzata Żurowska
Fairy Two – Sandra Rabstajn

Kacper Gunia – Photography
Elżbieta Rdzawska, dr inż. arch. (PhD Arch., Eng.) – Artistic and organisational supervision

Midsummer Night’s Dream, Premiere show ending, photo: Kacper Gunia, © Akademicki Teatr Remont (http://teatr.polsl.pl)