Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood Collector’s Edition, 2013

As we are still talking about game development here, let’s sum up few of my latest posts with one sentence:

Never underestimate casual games, people.

Understand – they are the future for gamers that were hardcores in 80’s or 90’s. Casual games should deliver great quality and a load of positive emotions. Especially in these gamers that played last decade’s AAAs, as year by year they become the genre’s target group. Designing casual games is a serious responsibility, and thus requires serious skills.

Games are becoming the new mass-media nowadays. They are going to evolve quickly into something we just couldn’t imagine a few years ago. They are moving in the same course as radio, cinema and television were in their days.

The quality of casual and mid-core games will define the whole game development’s look in next few years. Fact.

I hope that with this short series of posts I was able to bring you some useful insights about how to perform well as a game designer. Casual games development is one demanding, while very satysfying place to learn. In a few years the world of entertainment will change, but it won’t change without us. Let’s make sure it’s going in the best possible direction, by being the best possible creators. Thanks for being with me in this!

/ Des

My creative part in this title:
“The Redeemed Memories” — Collector’s Edition special adventure.
– Design of Minigames / Hidden Object Scenes;
– Cooperation in design of game progression and locations.

Cooperation (design & production):
Jakub Ziobroń, Jakub Grudziński, Robert Mikuszewski