His name is Neil, 2015

Neil is a character from my concept side-project, Summer Camp.
The game itself has never seen the broader daylight, still being in its pitch-idea phase.

Planned as a casual mix of time-management and adventure game, Summer Camp lets players to take role of the least promising summer camp manager, whose greatest dream is making his camp the best in the world.

Save your family bussiness by turning the least promising summer camps into the birthplace of unforgettable adventures!
Along with the group of lovable kids you’ll discover endless holiday fun while expanding your camps in wild forests, sandy deserts and even on the space station!

Today I’m left with few nice quality concepts of our game’s characters, this one being of my own authorship.


Neil can be stereotypically seen as ‘nerd’.
He’s introvertive, smart, and while a little snobby, he always has a solution to any problem kids could encounter during the camp adventures.
He likes gadgets, books, and some casual — but elegant — outfit.
His favourite colours are violet, blue and orange.

— Des

Hand-made digital art, 1800 x 1200 px
Made with: Autodesk SketchBook, Paint.net.