Archigramatic Reflections

For this short experiment and skill practice I looked through my past inspirations. What brought me to my nowadays skills? What inspired me the most back then when I’ve been searching for my style in art? What were my favourite, long not-used skills in graphics? Advertisements


Please enjoy my bunch of digital graphics, collages and art experiments made during that long, November evenings! The weather may be cold and demotivating, but there’s always something to do for the artist to warm up. If you love it, you just have to.

His name is Neil, 2015

Neil is a character from my concept side-project, Summer Camp. The game itself has never seen the broader daylight, still being in its pitch-idea phase. Planned as a casual mix of time-management and adventure game, Summer Camp lets players to take role of the least promising summer camp manager, whose greatest dream is making his…

The Castle Is Haunted!, 2016

Let’s imagine you have a medieval castle ruins, few free evenings, a lot of hand-made decorations, colourful lights and, most of all, a group of creative and skillful friends. This looks like a challenge to me – let’s make a party! One big piece of a party, with spooky enchanted feeling, to introduce citizens of…

The e-ideas

The things that games do teach us are of surprisingly wide variety. You can find games all around you. Who would think that playing is so common in our everyday live?

2A+P/A – Stage in the architectural studio, 2011

During the four-month stay in Rome (Italy) I had the opportunity to embrace the arcana of my learned profession, rules of cooperation with people in the operating design office, as well as to immerse myself in the atmosphere of living in one of the largest and oldest cities in Europe. 2A+P/A Studio, led by Gianfranco…

European Ideas Factory, 2010

AEGEE-Europe European Ideas Factory was a pilot project of overall network meeting, organized by the AEGEE-Gliwice antenna. This original project focused on future goals and activities of the whole AEGEE network (now evolved into Planning Meetings). I took part in organization of the whole event, with special focus on shooting and direction of promotional video,…