FRACboard, 2017

I’ve had mentioned my experiments on Cardboard Grids, utilizing recycled cardboard boxes to create durable, good-looking items in zero-waste spirit. FRACboard makes another step ahead, showing almost infinite possibilities for transformation of supposed trash into bigger, better and even more beautiful structures. Advertisements

Creators’ Village, 2017

One of my most important experiences during this year’s voyages was one week spent with wonderful people in Poland’s first mature prototype of cohousing estate. Those few days again opened my mind to the notion — that with proper attitude and focus on common goal — we can all live a life we always wanted to.

Beach Bar Lounge, 2017

Have you heard about recent zero-waste trend? It is being introduced more and more into contemporary design practice as a fresh movement in strive towards sustainable living. Recycling of materials that otherwise would become industrial trash is becoming a serious issue in today’s world, where most of created energy and work is being constantly wasted….

Refreshed: Rust&Sand, Table with a Twist, 2017

Summertime is made for relax, journeys, and exploring the world, isn’t it? When you feel a subtle vibe of summer everywhere — why won’t you channel it into creative work? These two small fittings came back to life during my expeditions at those warm days.

Heroes of Nox: Galactic Clash, 2016

When small studio tells you that you’re going to make a smashing mobile free-to-play hit in just few months, be aware. There’s actually a great opportunity ahead of you, but with that comes great responsibility. And a lot of hard work, on expert level.

The Castle Is Haunted!, 2016

Let’s imagine you have a medieval castle ruins, few free evenings, a lot of hand-made decorations, colourful lights and, most of all, a group of creative and skillful friends. This looks like a challenge to me – let’s make a party! One big piece of a party, with spooky enchanted feeling, to introduce citizens of…

Nightmares From The Deep: A Hidden Object Adventure, 2016

Nightmares from the Deep: A Hidden Object Adventure is a bold mix of features from one of the most popular HOPA adventure games, and the free-to-play model. Set in the 18th century in the eternal Caribbean, the game allows players to immerse themselves in the colorful world of legendary pirates. The player takes on the…

Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood Collector’s Edition, 2013

As we are still talking about game development here, let’s sum up few of my latest posts with one sentence: Never underestimate casual games, people. Understand – they are the future for gamers that were hardcores in 80’s or 90’s. Casual games should deliver great quality and a load of positive emotions. Especially in these…

Dark Arcana: The Carnival Collector’s Edition, 2012

Next title I made together with casual famous Artifex Mundi. Next that showed me, how the great quality teamwork becomes the great quality game. Once again production focused on details, plentiful brainstorms and viable cooperation of experts from varying specialties. I think that this game was the first endeavor in my career that gave me…

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden Collector’s Edition, 2012

The project was my first insight into professional game design, made with Artifex Mundi. The game stands out as a ‘classic HOPA’ — Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure. As many of players have no or little insight into casual segment — I’ll explain: Usually you take the role of a common person involved into fantastic situation…


DEADLINE is a prototype furniture created for the Faculty’s of Architecture contest, which aim was to create multifunctional equipment for the Faculty’s chill-out room. Our proposal stood out from the competition with its attractive form, excellent choice of materials and advertising done with a clever leaflet.   DEADLINE consists of suitably profiled sheets of gray…

Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2010

Being an actor is a very challenging venture. One has to move, talk, dance, sing, even wait with constant focus on the performance, and every step you take can change the show for you, for other performers and for the audience. Being the actor is even harder. Every little thing has you to do some…