Creators’ Village, 2017

One of my most important experiences during this year’s voyages was one week spent with wonderful people in Poland’s first mature prototype of cohousing estate. Those few days again opened my mind to the notion — that with proper attitude and focus on common goal — we can all live a life we always wanted to.


Archigramatic Reflections

For this short experiment and skill practice I looked through my past inspirations. What brought me to my nowadays skills? What inspired me the most back then when I’ve been searching for my style in art? What were my favourite, long not-used skills in graphics?


The things that games do teach us are of surprisingly wide variety. You can find games all around you. Who would think that playing is so common in our everyday live?

Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2010

Being an actor is a very challenging venture. One has to move, talk, dance, sing, even wait with constant focus on the performance, and every step you take can change the show for you, for other performers and for the audience. Being the actor is even harder. Every little thing has you to do some…